We understand your journey and we are here as your patient amputee advocate for every step of the way on your path to full functionality and reinvention.


To be the preferred prosthetic destination for patients and referral sources in Georgia by delivering an industry changing level of customer service and expertise that reinvents the customer throughout their normal life.


Founded in 2015 by an amputee, Shamrock Prosthetics is the pioneer in authentic perspective and experience to new patients and referral sources.


Founder of Athens prosthetics company has unique understanding of patients

August 1, 2016

Hope. Inspiration. Reinvention. Those are the three stages Steve Ehretsman wants all of his prosthetic patients to experience throughout their journey at his Athens company, Shamrock Prosthetics. But Ehretsman’s journey to founding his company started with anything but hope, inspiration or reinvention. Fifteen years ago, one accident cast a shadow on his future. Read Full…

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Reinvention: New facility aims to guide patients through the amputation journey

September 16, 2015

Steve Ehretsman became a below-knee amputee in April 2002 after undergoing 13 surgeries to address a traumatic injury. That experience shifted his career focus from the corporate world to the health-care sector, and he eventually joined a prosthetic company in Atlanta as vice president of sales and marketing. Read Full Article Here

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