Our personal experience underscores every relationship we build with a patient. We understand the mental and physical hurdles in an amputee’s journey to their new life with their new prosthesis. From pre-op to complete fit, Shamrock Prosthetics builds a relationship based on trust, compassion, belief and encouragement with each patient on their unique path to recovery. We provide innovative technological solutions for the customer in this antiquated industry and underscore our relationship with the highest caliber of customer.


We are changing the standard in patient care, clinician relations and custom prosthetics for amputees.

Traditionally, the prosthetics industry is reactive industry where a patient starts the prosthetic conversation post surgery.

Shamrock Prosthetics does it differently: we establish a relationship pre-surgical with the patient and the surgeon to maximize the possibility of long-term functionality. Our custom fabricated prosthetics takes into consideration each patient’s limb size, shape and structure as part of our pre-op phase.

Following surgery, we remain at a patient’s side every step of the way throughout the healing process and fitting phase to restore or increase pre-injury functionality. Likewise, if a patient is not able to travel to our office, our clinical manager will travel to the patient’s home or rehabilitation facility to accurately fit for a custom prosthetic.

Just as important, because we have personal amputee experience, we understand the frustration and other mental challenges associated with recovery and work closely with each patient to restore and encourage a positive attitude throughout.


Steve Ehretsman

Founder & CEO

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Steve has made his home in Atlanta, Georgia for the last 20 years. As Founder & CEO of Shamrock Prosthetics, Steve plays the vital role of strategically directing the leadership of the team. Unlike many other founders and CEO’s, Steve’s daily activities consist of being on the road for face-to-face patient onboarding, patient referral management, and results-based marketing strategies. His successful marketing expertise landed him major positions with some of the most prestigious consumer brands including Gatorade, The Coca-Cola Company and Budweiser, among others. Throughout his life, Steve was quite the athlete. He was a Division 1 student athlete and captain of Boston University Basketball Team. In 2001, Steve was involved in an on-the-job accident resulting in thirteen unsuccessful limb salvage surgeries which led him to a below knee amputation. His personal experience with navigating the surgical and prosthetic fitting process left him feeling neglected and defeated. This frustration became his motivation and drive to not only change but improve the prosthetic industry’s standard of patient care. In 2011, Ehretsman was named to Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 40 under 40 list of Rising Business Leaders. In 2015, he opened the doors to Shamrock Prosthetics, and in 2017, he received the Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation Annual Spirit Award. Steve remains a member of the Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation Annual Conference Medical Advisory Committee. He has been featured in many prominent news publications and continues to be a speaker at conferences across the country.

Becky Bowen

Operations Director

Becky brings over 30 years of experience in business operations, focusing on financial and cash flow management, as well as designing and analyzing systems for inventory and human resources. As a North Dakota native, Becky graduated from University of North Dakota with a BA in Information Management. She spent 28 years at an injection molding Manufacturing Company, managing projects in the medical, durable medical products, hospital food service, and electronics industries. At this business, she was a polymer expert, and helped develop products that went on the space shuttle for research. Consecutively while working in the plastics industry, she owned and operated several Anytime Fitness franchises. Becky has lived in Winder, GA for the past 25+ years. She has two children aged 28 and 22 that keep her busy and help her develop her 32-acre farm. Becky raises miniature and standard Australian Shepherds. Unique fact about Becky: her daughter’s picture (along with her team and coach) is on a banner hanging in the Colorado Springs Olympic Shooting Range, as winners of three National Championships.

Gary Wall, MSPO, CPO, LPO

Clinical Director

Gary is an ABC Certified and Georgia Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist. Gary knew early on that he wanted to enter the medical field and had his eyes set on becoming a doctor. However, he shifted his career path after served on a 3-week prosthetic mission trip to Vietnam his sophomore year at Mercer University where he instantly knew that the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics (O&P) was the perfect combination of his passions for patient care and engineering. Gary repeated the trip four times and was a founding member of Mercer University’s Prosthetics club. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Global Health Studies, he then earned a Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Gary completed both residencies in Warner Robbins, GA. Gary’s O&P focus extends to passive dynamic carbon fiber pre-preg bracing technology, microprocessor knee and ankle systems and upper extremity prostheses. He stays at the forefront of O&P technology, has engaged in grant funded research, and enjoys coupling his research knowledge with his patient care experiences to maximize outcomes. Gary is also trained in the High Fidelity interface socket system at all amputation levels and has help implement the technology at three O&P facilities. When not seeing patients, Gary diligently ensures that patients receive the best devices to meet their needs. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists. Gary loves being outdoors and enjoys hiking in the mountains. He also has a special needs dog name Sadie who uses a wheelchair for mobility.


Katy Giesken, MSPO, CPO, LPO

Katy is an ABC Certified and Georgia Licensed Prosthetist and Orthotist. She received her Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from Clemson University and a Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Katy’s interest in prosthetics and orthotics was fueled by exposure to the field while assisting with adaptive sports clinics as a part of her undergraduate degree. Prior to joining the Shamrock Prosthetics team, Katy completed both her Orthotic and Prosthetic residencies in her home state of Connecticut. During these residencies, Katy gained experience building and fitting a variety of upper and lower extremity devices. Katy enjoys working with patients to help improve their mobility and quality of life. Outside of work, Katy spends her time playing sports, cooking, and working out.

Joseph Azzarello, MSPO, CPO, LPO

Joseph is an ABC Certified and Georgia Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist. He grew up in the greater Chicago area and graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering. While exploring career opportunities in the medical field, he worked as a technician in Jackson, MS. This rewarding opportunity led Joseph to earn a Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics at Georgia Institute of Technology. After completing one-year residencies in Long Beach, CA as well as in Jackson, MS, he served as a clinical manager in Hattiesburg, MS for five years. He then moved to Georgia to be close to family. He looks forward to learning from each patient to deliver specialized care and working with the Shamrock team to provide the best patient experience. Joseph is happily married with two sons, ages 4 and 2, and his whole family enjoys exploring Georgia parks and playing outdoors.

Ryan Sharry, MSPO, CP, LP

Ryan is an ABC Certified and Georgia Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist. Ryan is a Georgia native, having grown up in Flowery Branch. Her love for working with people and her mechanically driven skillset led her to pursue her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Mercer University. As an undergraduate, Ryan was quite active in the Prosthetics Club and its related research. During her time at Mercer she traveled to Vietnam, where she moved between four farming cities to provide prosthetic care to those who needed it. After completing her engineering degree, she went to Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating with a Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics. While at Tech she had another opportunity to travel abroad and fit prostheses in Bogotá, Colombia. Ryan completed two one year residencies in Apex, NC and St. Petersburg, FL. Ryan enjoys staying current with the latest research as well as the “newest of the new” in the world of prosthetics. She is more than willing to discuss different options for the most appropriate prothesis for each unique client need. Ryan also loves hanging out with her puppy, Potter, and dog Sadie, a paralyzed shepherd who uses her wheelchair to chase the squirrels and butterflies.

Scott Hoskins, MSPO, BE CPO

Scott is a Board-Eligible Prosthetist and Orthotist. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, he received his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science with a Psychology minor from Appalachian State University. Scott has always had an interest in the medical field and found prosthetics was able to best combine his passion for science, creativity, and direct patient care. He earned his Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics from University of Pittsburgh and completed his residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Through residency, Scott was exposed to a variety of in-patient and out-patient clientele. He completed several research projects related to prosthetic trim line mobility in addition to heat retention and dissipation in silicone liners and made multiple Orthotics & Prosthetics presentations. Scott enjoys staying active and likes to spend his free time outdoors with his dog, Copper.


Beth Kirtland


Beth an Atlanta native and earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Clemson University. She previously held corporate marketing positions with Bloomin’ Brands International and Wendy’s International. Beth brings marketing expertise, as well as competence in planning, communication, and leadership to the Shamrock team. A champion for brand consistency and presence, Beth develops an impactful company footprint through social media and digital marketing. At Shamrock, she collaborates as an innovative and high energy team member while the organization continues to expand. In 2016, Beth broke her right leg. She became a patient of Shamrock Prosthetics in 2018, when she elected to have a below the knee amputation after numerous unsatisfactory reparative surgeries. She is an amateur metalsmith and enjoys creating jewelry in her home studio. Beth and her husband Dave live in Atlanta with their rescue dogs, Dexter and Dansby.

Erik Pimentel


Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Erik is a graduate of St. John’s University. He moved to Georgia in 2013, and two years later was involved in a work-related accident. Erik underwent limb salvage surgeries that resulted in a right below the knee amputation. For the next four years he was only able to wear his prosthesis for up to 4 hours a day while being treated by another prosthetic provider. Erik received a second opinion at Shamrock and experienced a completely different level of patient care, prosthetic education, and technology. He now wears an advanced technology prosthesis, enabling him to wear his new limb for 14 hours a day. Adapting to life as an amputee was challenging but Erik was not willing to believe his life was over. He was determined to modify his life, has lost 120 pounds, and is a Weight Watchers Connect Ambassador. As a Shamrock Patient Advocate, Erik helps patients with the mental and emotional adjustments to their physical changes. He exhibits a “no excuses” attitude and has his own unique way of coaching and relating to patients.

Adam Hurndon


Adam was born and raised in Georgia and lives in Commerce. He experienced a serious work-related injury in 2017. After several surgeries and many rounds of IV antibiotics, these attempts were unsuccessful in saving his legs. In 2019 Adam required a right below the knee amputation, and the left below the knee amputation followed in 2020. As a Shamrock Prosthetics patient, he received incredible support and inspiration from the team. Now Adam is reinventing not only his own future, but also the Shamrock patients he serves. His love for sports and outdoors keeps him active with his wife and four children. He continues to go hunting, fishing, camping, and is a die-hard Bulldogs fan. Enjoying life at its fullest, never letting life slow him down; this is his new normal.


Jaime Andujar


Jaime was born in Brooklyn and raised in Connecticut. He attended University of Connecticut and studied small business management. Jaime is a man of many talents and interests. He went to culinary school. He then worked as a tattoo artist for 10 years before finding his true calling in prosthetics. Jaime has worked in prosthetic fabrication for over 10 years. Jaime enjoys working at Shamrock with his son Romeo, training him as a prosthetics technician. In his free time, he heads to Florida to be with his five grandchildren. For relaxation and re-centering, Jaime explores the many trails in Georgia.

Erica Norton, CPT


Erica is an ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician. She is a native of Virginia and recently moved to Georgia in and is happy to part of the lab team at Shamrock. Erica has over 16 years of experience in prosthetic fabrication. She enjoys “all things crafty and artistic” including knitting, crocheting, quilting, tie dyeing, and ceramics. Erica just adopted a rescue dog named Bertie.

Jake Strine


Jake is currently enrolled at the University of Georgia, getting his bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science. After undergraduate school, he plans to pursue his doctorate in Physical Therapy and begin his career working with amputees. Jake is currently fulfilling his internship at Shamrock Prosthetics by shadowing the clinical team one day a week. His attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities compliment Shamrock Prosthetic’s fabrication workflow. Jake enjoys going to UGA football games, fishing, and working out.

Romeo Andujar


Romeo is originally from Bridgeport Connecticut. He graduated from a Multi-Magnet STEM High School with 3 divisions of biotechnological and zoological research, where he focused on the study of the human body, including various artificial limbs and organs. Following high school, Romeo held customer-facing positions where he developed a professional and disciplined work ethic and achieved quality results. Romeo is a “natural” working with his hands and has a passion for helping others. He sees his opportunity at Shamrock to expand his skills in the technology of bionics. Romeo enjoys building things, fixing cars, drawing, and cooking.

Andrew Manning


Andrew has recently changed his career path and is excited to begin his new role as a technician. As a former police officer, he maintained a very active lifestyle both at work and in his free time. In 2020 Andrew was involved in a motorcycle accident which required his right leg to be amputated above the knee. Andrew continues to enjoy his previous activities, including weightlifting, 4x4 off roading, and good cigars. Since the accident Andrew finds it rewarding to help others adapt to their new lives wearing a prosthetic device.


Jennifer McCannon

Jennifer has over seven years of customer service experience. In 2018 she was involved in a car accident resulting in a below the knee amputation of her right leg. Her positive attitude and Reinvention led her to pursue a career working with amputees. She is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in business. Jennifer enjoys spending time at the lake with her family and friends. Jennifer’s passion is to inspire and give Hope to everyone she encounters.

Dulce Villegas

Dulce came to Shamrock Prosthetics with three years of experience in customer service. She has the empathy and desire to help inspire amputation patients and is skilled in modifying daily routines after losing a limb. Dulce’s husband was involved in an on-the-job accident four years ago and became a below the knee amputee. Dulce and her husband have three children and love taking them on outdoor adventures.

Jessica Woodall

Originally from Augusta, Jessica now lives in Athens. She earned a diploma form Augusta Tech, and is currently enrolled at the University of South Carolina, studying business management. Jessica has worked in the medical field for 12 years and has learned so much in her various roles. She has extensive experience in trauma medicine, emergency medicine, scheduling and pre-authorizations. She’s excited about her new role at Shamrock and is enjoying working collaboratively with her colleagues. Jessica is honored to have this opportunity to serve our patients with grace and dignity. She has three great kids and loves to read in her free time.


Felita Harper

Felita was born in Georgia, grew up in Hartwell and Athens, and has over 25 years in the medical field. With a desire to learn and contribute to this industry, she graduated from Athens Technical College with a CNA degree, and then earned her Associate degree in Medical Billing and Coding with Ultimate Medical Academy. Felita is currently enrolled at Colorado Technical University, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management with Informatics. She enjoys spending time with family, friends, and cheering for University of Georgia bulldogs. Go Dawgs!


A 2001 accident and 13 surgeries left Steve Ehretsman, a Division 1 athlete and founder of Shamrock Prosthetics, with a below-knee amputation. His experience with the pre- and post-op patient care, prosthetic options available and general mental wellness challenges associated with recovering from the accident ultimately drove his decision to approach prosthetic management differently.

On May 8th 2015, Ehretsman launched Shamrock with the guiding conviction to approach an amputee and surgeon relationship differently than he experienced and to develop technology-advanced prosthetics that offered patients full functionality.

Today Ehretsman and his team meet with patients prior to surgery and weekly throughout the recovery process. Likewise, Shamrock fabricates all of its custom prosthetics on site in its 3,400 facility in Athens, Georgia.


We continue to grow and build our family of Shamrock Prosthetics patients and referral sources. In 2019, we will be renovating our Athens office to add another 2,000 square feet.  This will bring the total of 5,500 square feet.  The growing demand for Shamrock Prosthetics unique patient care will have us launching offices around the State of Georgia in the near future.