We’ve walked your path and are invested in your life long journey

Like the three leaves of the shamrock, we believe there are three journeys of the amputee patient. We provide a constant source of support and communication supporting along that path.


The hope phase begins with the call from the patient or surgeon. At this phase, Shamrock connects with the patient to chart the recovery journey using our personal amputee experience to deliver hope and belief. However, we see many patients that have already been fit with a prosthesis that are unhappy with the level of care and overall experiencing a painful fit, we have two way dialogue with the patient to understand different options they probably were never even told about regarding technology and fit.


Following surgery, Shamrock visits the new amputee patient weekly to offer guidance and inspiration to maintain a positive mental attitude. During this phase, we also work very closely with the health professionals associated to the patient to communicate healing milestones and mental wellbeing.


Following the estimated four to six week recovery process, patients wear a shrinker sock to prepare for the custom prosthetic. In this reinvention phase, patients are custom-fitted by Shamrock prosthetists with an advanced-technology prosthetic and work with them to restore or increase their pre-injury functionality.